Getting Started

Looking to get stated with Philadelphia Volleyball but not sure where to start?

Philadelphia volleyball group on the Opensports app

Finding Events

The fastest way to start playing with Philly Volleyball is Opensports. We use the app to organize and publicize events (pickup events, tournaments, and leagues can all be found on the app), so that's where you'll be able to see what events are happening, and sign up for them.

  • Download the Opensports app
  • Create an account
  • Add a payment method
  • Select and join an event
  • Also recommended: Set up your sports cards (organizers use these to invite people to events)
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Going to your first event

All you need to bring with you to your first pickup event is yourself and appropriate footwear. No need for a partner, team or a ball. You should try to get there a little early, since some locations may take longer to park. Introduce yourself to the host of the event when you get there. You can also talk to them if you have any problems or confusion throughout the event.

Don't be afraid to ask people to warm up or start conversations. Our events are meant to be both athletic and social. Many events have groups of regulars that play together every week so it may feel intimidating sometimes, but most people are very friendly, and most didn't know anyone at their first event either (or it could be their first event too!)

Just getting started with volleyball?

Volleyball has a bit of a steep learning curve, but is an amazing sport once you get into it. The only way to really get better, to play more, and get more touches with the ball. Look for events that are labeled for "Beginner", "Recreational", or "All Levels". Once you get comfortable with the basics, you can move on the events labeled for "B" level players.

While there's no substitute for actually playing, we have some tips compiled to help guide you on your volleybal journey.