Becoming a host

Have you ever wanted to run your own events? Learn how to get involved.

Philadelphia Volleyball is only possible due to the support of our dedicated volunteers and organizers

Philly Volleyball has expanded from a single weekly event to 15+ events a week plus leagues and tournaments. In order for this to work, our focus has changed from our founder (Dan) running everything, to helping community members set up and run events.

There are few ways this usually happens.

  • We have a gym time slot or permit for a space (either a new one or an event that the previous organizer can no longer run) that needs an organizer and we will put out an open call for organizers, usually through our facebook group
  • A community member has a space and just needs our help with the details of organizing an event
  • A community member wants to run an event and we can assist them with finding a space/time to run it (we can't guarantee that we can find a new space, but we will try)

Want to get involved? Talk to one of our board members, or contact us on this website. It's recommended that you go to some Philly Volleyball events to get a feel for the community, but the only real requirements are being committed to running the events and representing Philly Volleyball in a professional and welcoming way.

Responsibilities as a host

  • Posting the event on Opensports and inviting people
  • Responding to messages related to the event
  • Being the point of contact for the gym/event space, and doing any set up needed (unlocking the venue, setting up the nets — this varies depending on the venue and type of event)
  • Organizing teams as needed (Some events will need this more than others to keep an even level of play)
  • Managing any disagreements that come up on the court
  • DJing your event (optional)

Outside of these general requirements (and upholding the Philly Volleyball Code of Conduct) hosts are encouraged to take ownership of their events and run them how they would like.

Perks of hosting

  • You get to run events on a schedule that's convenient for you
  • You get to attend your events for free (and bring a guest for free)

Expectations for hosts

  • You should represent Philadelphia Volleyball in a professional and welcoming way
  • You should arrive on time (or early) to be there as attendees arrive