Indoor Rules

Read up on the standard rules for indoors

Philly Volleyball follows the USAV rules for indoor events and tournaments.

Additional rules for Quads

  • No rotation required however you must serve in order
  • If a team is found to be out of serving order, they will lose the serve
  • Hand setting/pushing the ball over the net is NOT permitted
  • No open hand tips/dinks
  • No directional blocking (redirecting the ball with fingertips)

Additional rules for Revco (Reverse Coed)

  • Women's Height Net
  • Men may not make contact with the ball to send it over the net from above the height of the net in front of the 10ft line
  • Only one male player can jump and attack the ball behind the 10ft line each set
  • Only one male player can jump serve each set (any serve in which both feet are off the ground when contacting the ball is considered a jump serve)